4 Reasons to Fix Your Windshield ASAP

While windshield damage is usually obvious, it begins with subtle pits or scratches. Waiting to bring your car to an auto body repair shop can lead to much larger, costlier problems. Here’s why you should never wait to get your windshield fixed.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Fix Your Windshield

1.  Worsening Damage

Once you notice a chip or ding to your windshield, you should immediately seek auto body repairs. When caught early, tiny fractures are quick and inexpensive to fix. Your repair expert will inject and cure a resin to renew your auto glass.

Waiting for repairs will cause tiny imperfections to spread and worsen with every road bump and door slam. You’ll need to replace the entire windshield once damage escalates.

2. Poor Vision

As window cracks spread, they will block your view of the road. This damage to the glass may also cause light to reflect in sudden, unexpected bursts. These will create distractions that can result in an accident.

3. Crash Safety

Because airbags expand against the glass in an accident, previously damaged windshields may break upon deployment, rendering the airbags useless.

Your car’s protective roof support is also dramatically reduced with a compromised windshield. The chances of being struck by flying glass or ejected from the vehicle during an accident increase if the windshield is already compromised.

4. Tickets

Once damage becomes obvious, you may become responsible for more than just the cost of a windshield replacement. If law enforcement notices you’re driving with potentially unsafe glass, they’ll pull you over and likely write a ticket. They’ll at least order you to get prompt auto body repair. At worst, they may order your vehicle off the road.

For safety and cost savings, fix your windshield at the first signs of damage. For prompt, courteous, expert auto body repair, the professionals at Consolidated Bodyshop in Crossville, TN, are ready to help. Proudly serving all of Cumberland County, this locally owned shop strives for perfection in every car repaint, repair, and restoration. Call (931) 456-4090 for your appointment, or visit them online to learn more about their services.