What You Should Know About Salt Corrosion & Auto Body Protection

Winter weather is hard on your car, and so are the salt and winter chemicals used on the road. Quality winter auto body protection requires drivers to understand salt corrosion and how to prevent it. Learn more about this issue in the helpful guide.

What Is Salt Corrosion?

Your car’s body is metal, and it’s susceptible to rust. During winter, transportation departments use salt, sand, and chemicals like calcium chloride to prevent ice from building up on roadways. When you drive on treated roadways, they mix with moisture on the road and get kicked up by your tires, coating your undercarriage and wheels.

The moisture and chemicals cause rust to start forming on the metal parts of your car, most often around wheels, the frame, and where two pieces of metal meet. Rust weakens the integrity of a vehicle, destroys parts, and can spread once it starts forming.

How Can I Prevent It?

The best form of auto body protection is prevention. Before winter hits, have your car washed and then apply a coat of wax as an extra barrier between your auto body and chemicals. Avoid driving when the roads are treated, snowy, or icy, if possible. If you do drive in inclement weather or on treated roads, wash your car thoroughly afterwards, especially the wheels, tires, and undercarriage, then apply a fresh coat of wax.

Maintain your car’s cleanliness throughout winter, and do routine inspections of the wheels, undercarriage, and inside edges of your doors for signs of rust and corrosion. After the last freeze of the season, take your vehicle to a reliable car restoration and auto repair shop to have it examined and treated for rust corrosion.

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