Why is it taking so long for my vehicle to be repaired?!

Here are some answers to common questions as we try to help our valued customers understand what is going on and why ordinary repairs are often taking so long to complete:

We simply cannot preorder parts for every job for several reasons: 1) We are booked several months out, and we do not have enough space to store parts for all jobs in advance. 2) We do not know exactly which parts we will need until the car is in the shop and completely disassembled and assessed. Very often, brackets and other damaged parts are concealed when your initial estimate is completed, and we are unable to identify them as damaged until the car is taken apart. 3) In certain situations, some parts are deemed repairable upon closer inspection after disassembly and a replacement is not necessary. 4) Many times, insurance companies will not initially approve parts until full disassembly is completed. In other situations, customers elect to cancel their appointments or sell their vehicle before their scheduled service. In many cases, we are unable to return parts which have already been delivered and we would be stuck unable to return those parts.


Most often we are unable to track the status of a delayed or backordered part. While our parts manager spends a big portion of his day on the phone with our suppliers to get updates, many manufactures themselves often do not have a scheduled ETA for parts which are on indefinite backorder. Shutdowns at manufacturing plants around the world along with well-publicized shipping logistics disruptions make our ability to guarantee a date of arrival all but impossible.


Yes, but that supplier will also be unable to get the part any sooner. If there were a way to get parts any more quickly, we would do it. We regularly scour all possible sources for parts all over the US and even abroad, but sometimes the items are simply unavailable.


My insurance company said the repairs should only take X number of days. Why haven’t you started yet/ordered parts yet/completed the job yet?

Inflation. Our material and labor costs have risen over 40% in merely 3 months. While we make every possible effort to mitigate rising costs, labor, utilities, supplies and overhead have all increased steadily and we are forced to adjust our prices accordingly just to stay in business. We are transparent about our pricing; if you have questions about your repair costs, we will be more than happy to explain our estimates in detail.


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