3 Signs of Car Frame Damage

If your vehicle was involved in a collision, it might have suffered structural damage. Even a seemingly minor fender-bender can jostle the car’s underlying frame, causing it to become bent or misaligned. Since driving with these issues can be dangerous, you should always schedule auto body repair services following an accident. While the signs of vehicle frame damage are often subtle, they’re impossible to ignore once you know what you’re looking for. Here’s what you should know to keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road.

How to Tell If Your Vehicle’s Frame Has Damage

1. Loose or Separated Panels 

A sagging or twisted frame can cause gaps to form between the body’s panels. You may also notice that they shift while the vehicle is in motion. The panels on cars with frame damage might even dent inward or outward with relative ease when pressed on.

2. Ill-Fitting Components   

If a car’s body or frame is compromised, the doors might not correctly latch when closed. Severe warping could also jam them, making it impossible to open them at all. If it’s difficult to operate the trunk hatch, a prior collision could be to blame. 

Frame damage can also affect the bumpers; if they appear crooked or unattached in places, the vehicle may need auto body repair. 

3. Alignment Issues 

A car accident can throw your vehicle’s wheel alignment off balance and cause steering problems. When this happens, it becomes challenging to drive in a straight line. Operating an automobile with a misaligned frame can cause excessive and uneven wear and tear to the suspension and shocks. If you’re having trouble staying in the proper lane with minimal control—like if your car pulls forcefully to one side—make an appointment at an auto body repair shop immediately to avoid further damage.

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