What to Do If Someone Hits Your Parked Car

As a driver, you might constantly find yourself parking in busy lots, whether it is the grocery store, picking up your kids from school, or exiting the mall. If you notice that someone has put a sizable dent on your vehicle, but there is no note and no witnesses, you may not know how to proceed. There are several steps you can take to get to the bottom of the accident before contacting your insurance company to potentially pay for collision repair. Below, learn what steps to take if someone hits your parked car. 

3 Steps to Handle a Parking Lot Hit-and-Run

1. File a Police Report

When someone leaves the scene of a crime, regardless of how much the damage may or may not cost, it’s still an offense to hit someone’s car and not leave a note. Regardless if you file a police report independent of your car insurance provider, you’ll need to file one anyway once you contact insurance and make a claim.

2. Look for Cameras

Cameras are in most parking lots, including schools and malls. They likely captured the accident, so ask for a copy of the tape and check the footage. Surveillance cameras in parking lots work similarly to speed cameras where they zoom into a license plate during movement. A license plate number is all you need to locate the person when you file a report.

3. File a Claim

If you’ve managed to find the person who hit your car, file a claim against their insurance company. Be sure to take ample pictures of the damage and send a copy of the camera footage to make your claim stronger. Give the insurance company pertinent details such as driver’s license, insurance information, vehicle type, and the person name. If you win the case, most if not all of the damage will cover the cost of collision repair. 

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