What Is a Ceramic Car Coating?

Ceramic coating is one of the best options for protecting the exterior paint on your car. However, this solution is not widely understood among vehicle owners, which means they can sometimes end up buying a product that doesn’t work well. Although many car owners enjoy DIY bodywork projects, it’s best to use a professional to apply the coating to ensure it’s done properly. Here is a brief guide to ceramic car coating.

A Guide to Ceramic Car Coating

What Is It?

Ceramic coating is applied to the exterior of a car as a layer of protection. It is a liquid polymer that’s mostly made from silica and titanium dioxide. It creates a chemical bond with the factory paintwork, which means it remains in place for a long time and doesn’t need regular reapplication. The best type of ceramic coating is a nano-ceramic formula that fills cracks and imperfections to form a solid protective outer layer.

What Are the Benefits?

Chemicals like salt and acid, such as acid found in bird droppings, can damage the paint on a car. Ceramic coating stops these harmful chemicals from reaching the vehicle’s original paint.

This coating blocks ultraviolet sun rays that could otherwise cause oxidation that leads to fading. It is also water-repellant and will keep dirt and dust from bonding to the exterior of your car as easily. Ceramic coating is similar to glass, so it highlights the shine of the paint. It also improves the appearance of alloy and chrome wheels. Overall, this protective layer makes it easier to clean your car and keep it in top condition.

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