What Happens During Hydroplaning?

Whether you’re taking your collectible vehicle out for a spin or you just purchased a modern model, keeping it safe on the road is crucial for maintaining its longevity. However, there are several dangerous road conditions that could lead to premature auto body repairs, including hydroplaning. The guide below discusses how this accident could damage your vehicle and what to do if you slip and slide on the road.

What Is Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning often occurs during or after a rainstorm. When the roads are wet, they may accumulate puddles due to low points or inadequate drainage. When a car drives at high speed through these puddles, the driver may lose control of the wheel. The excess water will prevent the tires from gripping the road, causing the car to slip and slide.

Hydroplaning can greatly affect the tires. From wearing down tread to reducing pressure, the tires can sustain the bulk of the damage. If your vehicle crashes into another structure, such as a building, tree, a road barrier, or another car, it could sustain serious damage. The body may dent, the paint may chip, and the windshield and windows could crack. Serious damage could result in auto body repairs.

What Should You Do If You Hydroplane?

When driving in heavy rain, remain calm and slow down. If you drive through a puddle and begin to hydroplane, avoid slamming on the brakes, as the water could enter the lines and cause failure. Instead, lightly pump the pedal and turn the steering wheel in the direction the car is heading to. The tires will realign and you’ll be able to gain better control of the wheel. Make sure the tires have gained traction before attempting to pull over or brake altogether.

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