A Guide to Vehicle Scratches & How to Handle Them

Finding a scratch on your car is upsetting, whether or not you know how it got there. Anything from deliberate vandalism to rocks in the road can cause a scrape on your vehicle’s exterior. Below are a few tips to follow when seeking auto repairs for scratch damage.

5 Tips for Handling Scratch Damage

1. Minor Incidents

Whether a shopping cart crashes into your quarter panel or someone nicks your paint with a bike, accidents happen. If you saw the person do it or if they left a note with their information, you have the option of settling the auto repair costs privately or going through insurance. If you see them do it and they refuse to cooperate, file a police report.

2. Vandalism

If you are the victim of vandalism and someone purposely keyed your car, your first step is to file a police report, followed by a call to your insurance company. Take photos of the damage to submit with your claim and wait for instructions from your adjuster on how to proceed. They will assess the cost of repairs and let you know how much is covered by your policy.

3. Surprise Damage

Sometimes you walk outside and suddenly notice a scrape on your vehicle. If you don’t know who did it or what happened, a police report won’t necessarily be helpful.

Even if the scratch is small, filing an insurance claim may not be worth it and could end up raising your deductible and premium. Bring your vehicle to an auto body shop and get a repair quote before making a decision.

4. Acts of Nature

An errant tree branch or rock in the road can leave unsightly nicks and abrasions on your vehicle’s body. Some insurance policies have Act of God clauses that cover extreme weather events that are beyond your control. Act of God events can cover earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, some types of wildfires, and storms that result in lightning damage.

5. Auto Accidents

Collisions with another vehicle or object in the road often result in both dents and scratches, as well as police reports and both insurance companies getting involved. Adjusters will determine who is at fault before deciding which company will cover the damage.

Collision coverage is typically required on an auto policy and will also cover you if you inadvertently hit a mailbox or something similar. Note that when you’re determined at fault for an accident, you’re likely to see a rise in premiums.

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