A Guide to Car Insurance & Auto Repairs

In Tennessee, drivers are required to carry a certain amount of bodily injury liability protection and property damage liability coverage, as well as uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage insurance. However, it is worthwhile to get more than the bare minimum to fully cover potential medical care and auto repair costs in many cases. The guide below explains the benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Car Insurance?

Avoid Huge Expenses

Even careful drivers can potentially cause accidents on the road. If you wind up in this situation, your liability insurance will cover the other party’s medical and auto repair expenses up to the amount specified. If you opted to get the state minimum, your policy will pay for up to $25,000 in health care treatment per person—up to $50,000 per accident—as well as $15,000 in car repairs.

Protect Yourself

Even though it is the law to have insurance, some drivers abstain. Alternatively, the other party might not have enough insurance to cover the cost of your damages. In this case, your own underinsured bodily injury and property damage policies kick in. It should be noted that you can write to the state to opt out of this specific kind of coverage. However, this puts you at risk of not having the funds on hand to quickly get auto repairs. Instead, you will have to wait for the results of a lawsuit against the other driver.

Beyond the coverage already mentioned, drivers should also consider getting comprehensive insurance. This will reimburse you in case a thief breaks into your car or your vehicle is harmed by storm damage.

Why Choose Your Own Auto Body Shop?

In spite of the advantages that insurance offers, your provider won’t likely want to pay out for more money than they have to. As a result, they may suggest an auto repair shop that they have a previous relationship with–who might use lower-quality parts to save the insurer money. Alternatively, their suggestion might not be the most convenient one for you. For example, it might be far away from your home. 

You are, however, allowed to refuse their suggestion. When looking at options, prioritize those that offer insurance claims assistance—talking directly to the provider on your behalf to make sure repairs are covered without you having to be the middle man. They should also have a positive community reputation, as evidenced by satisfied customer reviews.  

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