5 Ways to Prevent Your Car From Rusting

Rust does not look good on a car. It can also lead to poor engine performance and a weakened chassis. For these reasons and others, you should take steps to prevent it from developing in the first place. Here’s a rundown of ways to give your vehicle the best auto body protection against rust.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Rust-Free

1. Wash It Regularly

One way to provide auto body protection for your car is to wash it regularly to remove dirt. While dirt doesn’t cause rusting, it does damage the paint’s protective cover and clear coating, which makes it easier for rust to get a foothold.

2. Check the Paint Job

Chipped or peeling paint will expose your car to the elements and cause rust to form. Schedule a touch-up or have a new coat of paint applied once you notice that the car’s exterior is losing its luster.

3. Rinse Away Salt

Washing your vehicle during winter is one of the most effective means of auto body protection. Road salt can severely damage your car’s underbelly, leading to rust. Rinsing your car once a week during winter will get rid of salt buildup and minimize wear and tear on its surface.

4. Wax Twice a Year

Waxing keeps your vehicle looking new and ensures the exterior paint’s protective barrier remains in place. It also blocks UV rays so your car’s paint job doesn’t fade. For optimal protection, wax your car at least twice a year.

5. Clean the Interior

A clean interior also helps with auto body protection. Drivers don’t give a thought on how spills inside the car can contribute to rust. But, spills can sink through the carpet and reach the metal flooring, opening it up to the formation of rust.

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