4 Ways to Maintain an RV’s Paint

Recreational vehicles give you the freedom to camp out and experience nature while still enjoying the comforts of home. When it comes to their exteriors, the options for auto painting are practically endless and include a broad spectrum of color and multi-dimensional graphics to choose from. Keep your RV’s paint job vibrant and attractive throughout the years with the following maintenance tips.

How to Protect Your RV’s Paint Job

1. Don’t Park Beneath Trees

Though you might feel tempted to park beneath trees for their shade, doing so often leaves RVs covered in leafy debris. Fallen twigs and branches can scratch your paint job. Sap also leaves sticky impressions on the finish that are difficult to remove.

If you need shade, try pulling under a covered garage or structure. Otherwise, consider parking in an open area or covering the top of your RV with a tarp if there are trees nearby.

2. Use Gentle Cleaning Products

Detergents sometimes contain abrasive chemicals, such as phosphates, sulfates, and chlorine bleach. If you use these to wash your RV, they may strip the paint, causing fading and blotchiness. When washing the vehicle, use an all-natural dish soap diluted in water to prevent the cleaner from eating away at the paint and finish. 

3. Buff By Hand

Waxing your RV twice a year will improve the look of the paint while preventing stains and chipping. While power buffers can get the job done quickly, they also apply excessive pressure to the auto body, which risks scuffing or even denting the finish. After applying wax to the exterior, buff it out by hand with a gentle cloth, using quick, circular motions. 

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will fade an RV’s paint color and dull the glossy finish. Protect your investment from harmful ultraviolet rays by putting it in storage when it’s not in use. Consider keeping it in a custom-built garage on your property.

You could also install a sun shade to protect the vehicle’s exterior. These oversized awnings block the sun from shining directly onto the auto body when it’s parked outdoors.

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