3 Ways That Dents Impact Your Car

Compared to other issues that car owners face, like failing transmissions or faulty brakes, dents may seem like a minor inconvenience. Most drivers will ignore the minor dings that come with owning a vehicle. However, dents are more serious than you think. Consult the following guide to learn how these defects can impact your car and why you should prioritize car body repair.

How Dents Affect Your Vehicle

1. Spread Damage

Whether your car got the dent from an accident with another driver or a collision with an inanimate object, the damage can spread. A simple scratch can provide an opening for rust to creep in, which weakens the metal of your car.

Additionally, a dent that looks small can get bigger on bumpy roads and through general wear and tear. When you finally visit the auto body shop, you’ll have to pay more for repairs.

2. Indicate Hidden Issues

If you were in a fender bender, your usual instinct is to feel relief that nothing worse happened than a dented bumper. However, even low-impact accidents hide other issues.

For example, that same fender bender may have knocked your wheels out of alignment or loosened electrical wiring. These side effects will also add to the car body repair costs during your next trip to the auto shop.

3. Lower Resale Value

If you ever purchase a new vehicle, selling your dented car might be a struggle. An unsightly dent can negatively impact your car’s resale value. Potential buyers might want a significant discount, or they might be discouraged from buying it at all if they believe the dent signifies internal problems. 

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