3 Tips to Avoid Aggressive Drivers

One of the most difficult problems you can face on the road is an aggressive driver. Road rage is estimated to cause about two-thirds of driving deaths, and it also leads to many incidents that require collision repairs. Use these tips when you see someone driving aggressively to help you stay safe behind the wheel, keep your temper in check, and minimize costly and dangerous accidents.

How to Stay Safe From Road Rage

1. Don’t Antagonize

If you see someone driving aggressively, you may be annoyed or offended and feel the need to respond in some way. However, this will only escalate the situation.

Do not honk, shout, make faces, cut off, refuse to yield, or otherwise act in a hostile manner toward the aggressive driver. These actions could cause you to become a target. Drive politely in these situations, leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and others traveling on the road, and always signal for turns and lane changes.

2. Watch & Stay Clear

Stay vigilant when you’re behind the wheel. Be aware of drivers that are swerving, weaving, exceeding the speed limit, making sudden direction changes, or honking. If you notice these aggressive actions, slow down to let the vehicle pull ahead. If you can’t seem to get away from the offender, pull off the road for a minute or two. This will help put distance between you so you’re less likely to be involved in any resulting collision.

3. Report While Stopped

If you see someone behaving aggressively or if you’re being followed, remember their car’s make, model, and license plate number, as well as the driver’s description. Keep track of any aggressive behaviors and traffic violations you notice.

When you have a safe place to stop, call law enforcement and report as much information about the driver and vehicle as you can. Police may be able to stop them and get them off the street so you and other drivers can travel safely.

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