3 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job

The paint on your car protects the metal underneath from environmental exposure that can cause rusting and corrosion. Though you could opt for auto painting, you could also take a few other simple measures to keep your car’s paint job shiny and new for a long time.

How to Keep Your Vehicle’s Paint in Good Condition

1. Wash the Vehicle

Tree sap, bird droppings, and flying insects that splat into your car while driving can harden and leave behind corrosive chemicals that ruin your vehicle’s paint job. The longer you take to remove them, the more susceptible the paint is to permanent damage. Take care of the problem by washing your car regularly, especially if you leave it parked outside. Use mild and soft cleaning agents to prevent sandpaper scratches from developing on the paint. If stains prove too hard to remove with soap and water, consult an auto painting expert on the best course of action for cleaning.

2. Keep It Covered

Aside from environmental debris, the sun also takes a toll on your paint job, causing cracking and fading over time. If possible, keep your car in a garage to avoid damage from these factors. You can also invest in a car cover that is constructed from polypropylene that blocks damaging UV sun rays, dust, snow, and water. They are easy to care for and durable, and the fibers won’t scratch the car’s paint job. They are lightweight and easy to fold and keep in the trunk of your car.

3. Wax After Wash

Waxing your car adds a layer of protection over the vehicle’s paint job. The film of synthetic polymers prevents corrosive elements from sticking onto the surface. Waxing products come in spray, paste, or liquid form. Liquid wax lasts the longest — six months — among the three types. While it is tricky to apply as it dries quickly, it remains the most common option for its long-lasting protection. To apply liquid wax, you’ll need to firmly rub it onto the car’s surface. Thus, the vehicle should be newly-washed to avoid abrasive particles from leaving scratches.

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