3 Tips for Protecting Car Paint During Winter

While the harsh sunrays of summer can take their toll on your vehicle, the winter brings its own set of unique challenges. Particularly, falling leaves and other debris can scrape the coating and the underlying paint, and rain, snow, and ice can also contribute to corrosion. Follow these three tips throughout winter to protect your ride and avoid the need for auto painting come spring.

How to Keep Auto Paint Intact Through Winter

1. Keep the Car Covered

Trees continue to drop their leaves in winter, which can pose a threat to your car’s paint. Weak and dying branches and twigs can also fall onto the vehicle, scratching the surface and leaving the underlying metal exposed to wet and cold weather. 

Park in a covered or enclosed spot whenever possible. For some, this may mean clearing out space in the garage to use during winter or installing a carport on your property. When you need to park away from home, seek out public garages. If you have to park in an open lot, look for a place away from trees.

2. Remove Debris Gently

You won’t be able to keep all debris from falling on your car during this season. When you find leaves, acorns, or branches on the hood or windshield, take care when removing them. If possible, pick them off by hand individually. While using a leaf blower might be more effective, the rough edges of the debris can scratch your vehicle’s paint.

3. Wash & Wax the Car Regularly

Many public roads are covered in deicing salt in winter to combat frozen streets and keep drivers safe from black ice that can cause accidents. However, these products can corrode the car’s surface and cause you to need auto painting services to correct blemishes. Wash the vehicle regularly to prevent rust buildup. You should also include wax in the detailing routine. This product forms a protective barrier on the car’s exterior, keeping any debris from making contact with the paint itself. It will also make your automobile easier to clean when the time comes.

If your car’s paint does sustain damage this winter, reach out to Consolidated Bodyshop in Crossville, TN. As a locally owned and operated company, you can expect personalized service and lifetime warranties on your auto repairs. From applying ceramic coatings to performing paintless dent repairs, they offer a wide range of services to restore and maintain the appearance of your car. Visit the website to learn more about their offerings, and call (931) 456-4090 to schedule an auto painting appointment.