3 Decorating Tips for RV Owners

Your RV serves as a home away from home, as you could spend days or weeks on the road. If you want the space to reflect your style and design preferences, consider updating the décor. Auto body shop technicians can make the outside of your RV more appealing while you work to enhance interiors. If you’re stumped for ideas, consider the following renovations.  

3 Ways to Revamp Your RV 

1. Create a Personalized Sign

Socializing with people at the campgrounds is an enjoyable aspect of RV ownership. To encourage interaction, have auto body shop technicians paint a sign on the outside of the RV. Similar to placing a welcome mat at the front door of the house, the sign can have a memorable phrase about traveling, a whimsical graphic, the name of the owners, or anything else that grabs attention. 

2. Install a New Backsplash

To make the RV more appealing to buyers, it might have come with a standard white backsplash. To add a burst of color to the bathroom and kitchen area, replace the existing tile work. You can use Smart Tiles®, which peel and stick to the wall for easy installation. Vibrant mosaic patterns will draw attention to the backsplash, while warm or cool earth tones can blend with the existing color scheme. 

3. Install Wooden Flooring & Counters 

Many RVs have vinyl flooring, which can leave interiors looking drab and uninspired. Swap out the current flooring material with reclaimed wood. The rich grain, notches, and imperfections will add texture and depth to the confined space while making it feel cozier. To complete the rustic aesthetic, replace kitchen counters and tabletops with surfaces made of reclaimed light wood, as well.

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